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About Geocare International

Rutherfoord International is pleased to offer GeoCare International, a special Insurance program, to individual and corporate members of international societies and associations in the petroleum, engineering and mining industries who reside outside of the United States. GeoCare International is sponsored by the American Association of Petroleum Geologists and has been expanded to include a number of other associations such as the SEG, SEPM, SPE and various member societies of the American Geological Institute.

Our program overview will provide you with details of covered medical expenses, including emergency medical transportation, the schedule of benefits to be applied, a list of excluded expenses and optional benefits available for members.

The insurance brokerage firm of Rutherfoord International, Inc. of Alexandria, Virginia handles general administration for the GeoCare International program.

For further information, please contact our staff at: Phone +1 (703) 813-6500, and by e-mail at